Wo Jo Hare Pahaad

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Wo jo hare pahaad dikh rahe hain naa tumko
Sochta hun wahin, kahin ko hi nikal jayein hum

वो जो हरे पहाड़ दिख रहे हैं ना तुमको
सोचता हूँ वहीँ, कहीं को ही निकल जायें हम

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Sunny Singh "Akash"

Sunny Singh is a poet, author and publisher. He lives in Jawali city of India, and he has written various poems (Gazal and Nazm) in Hindi and Urdu language. He is a very creative person and after listening to his poems, fans forced to him to write stories or novels. So, from there, he tried his hand at writing.
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